What is Partnership Publishing?

Our services begin when you submit your manuscript. We are protective of our imprint, and will only extend a publishing offer if we feel that your work has literary value and market potential. 

We then enter a partnership with the author, one in which we have a vested interest, as we share revenues and subsidise costs.  

Our packages are full service, based on two tiers – Gold and Platinum. Gold is an excellent resource for experienced authors who want to promote themselves aggressively – the best way to sell books is with the direct participation of the author. Platinum features an expanded suite of marketing and promotional assistance. Package costs vary depending on extent, print run, and work required. We tailor our services individually, ensuring a bespoke publishing experience.

Your work is then pre-flighted (prepared for an edit and page layout) before being sent to a professional editor. The final decision on each editorial suggestion will be yours, ensuring creative control. Your book will then be professionally set (the pages designed and laid out) and given a final proof read. A professional artist will design an eye-catching, full-colour cover to provide visual bookshelf appeal.

Once everything is approved, we will source and provide a print run of your books, which will be stored in our bonded warehouse awaiting distribution and order fulfilment. Many publishers skip this step, and you aren’t actually provided a stock. Instead, they will use inexpensive and potentially inferior print on demand (POD) technology to cover single orders.

Your book will be assigned an ISBN (crucial for sales) and registered at the British Library. We will then provide promotional materials and reach out to our network of sales outlets, wholesalers and distributors. We also have an agent in the field who will ensure that your book is brought to the attention of big bookshops as well as independent retailers. 

There’s much more to our partnership publishing packages, and we realise that each author has different requirements, expectations and goals. We are always available to chat over the phone, meet with you at our offices in Ely or arrange a more suitable place for a visit. In the end, our authors are our success. We like to start that with a handshake and a smile. 

Call +44 (0) 1353 646608 and ask to speak to our Acquisition’s Editor, Mrs Rachel Hutchinson, for more information on our industry-leading partnership publishing services.