Reviews of Old Fogies Unite ! A quirky look at old times and old timers

a lovely book to take the sting out of getting older
Sam Almond has a great sense of humor. Old Fogies, Unite was very entertaining throughout. Loved the mixtures of facts, playful stories, jokes and personal experiences. A great gift not just for other old fogies.
A review written by Elke on 17 Apr 2017
Excellent humorous read for all not just for old fogies
This is the second book I've read from this author and without question his best A very humorous read which made me laugh throughout especially the broccoli joke and the definition of YOLO and the chapter " Some Pithy Comments" made me roar with laughter a most enjoyable read, he states he's a BFOF he has certainly not lost his sense of humour I look forward to reading his next book.
A review written by Garry on 06 Apr 2017
What an inspirational book laced with some wonderful anecdotes and humorous cartoons. If you ever feared growing old read Sam's answer to keeping a youthful approach to life and have your fears of old age allayed.
A review written by Neil on 30 Mar 2017