Reviews of The Magical Gate

The first children's book I have ever finished.
This book grabbed my attention from the first page, I don't really read fiction books normally but after having the book the magical gate bought for me, I thought I would see if I enjoyed it. To be honest it surprised me by taking me a little back to me childhood where my life was full of fantasy and adventure. I found myself carrying the book in my case and leaving it in the same place so that I could continue the story everyday. What a fantastic world I found myself entering page by page, firing up my imagination. If Disney or the like was to get hold of this, I would love to see the film. At 55 years old I would never have gone out and bought this book myself, but now I am looking forward to buying the sequel when it comes out, my children will love it. I found the book gained my interest and snowballed into a fascinating story with one of the best endings I could imagine.
A review written by John on 23 Oct 2013
A great book for all ages
The Magical Gate is a great read regardless of age. I enjoy reading this book to my granddaughter and am drawn into the story myself. When my granddaughter falls asleep I can't wait to read to her again. I highly recommend this book to read with your children and grandchildren and I hope the author Julie Earle writes a series of The Magical Gate. This book should be made into a film!
A review written by Steve Tappin on 23 Oct 2013
This book is a really good book for all ages
I read this book & found that I just could not put it down. I think the author has a style of writing all of her own. It's jam packed with excitement & I think people of all ages will love it. Yes, I know it's supposed to be a child's book but i'm still a child at heart . I loved it & hope number 2 comes out. the pictures are good in it and I would strongly recommend this book to people of all ages.
A review written by Joseph M Wadhams on 23 Oct 2013
A must read ....
I loved this book and I found I couldn't put it down , I just had to keep reading to find out what would happen next . The Magical Gate is well written and you feel drawn into the story throughout. I would highly recommend this story and would love to read about other possible adventures in fairyland. This story will be enjoyed not only by children but by all ages both boys a girls.
A review written by Tracey Vincett on 23 Oct 2013
outstanding read for children and us older children.
After reading this book to my daughter for the (first time) i found myself getting drawn into the story and not wanting to put the book down. Usually, i read a few pages until my daughters eyes get heavy but with this book i found myself keeping her awake whilst i finish a few more pages. This book is unique in its approach, and keeps the attention there. Its now one of my daughters prized possessions, she's on her third read of this book and i think this in itself speaks volumes. I really hope and dare i say expect this to turn into a series of books. Its exceptionally well written, I can only recommend this book whole heartedly to all and sundry, its a fantastic adventure that draws you in and refuses to let you go until you reach the conclusion. I eagerly await the sequel
A review written by David Pearce on 13 Oct 2013