Professional Partnership Publishing Testimonials

Melrose Books are great for authors, especially budding ones. They hit their deadlines without a panic and ensure you do the same. They hold your hand through the strange world of social media, help you plan your book-launch and produce press releases, posters and items like bookmarks to back it up. If you seek publishing without panic, you could do a lot worse than spend a day at Ely seeing the calm, efficiency at Melrose Books.
It has been an inexpressible experience for me to be published by Melrose Books. They gave me my life's dream of being published, a goal I have striven to attain for years, with it dishearteningly seeming to never be. Now in only a short while of contacting them, I am incredibly there and they have done the utmost by my work with constant care, attention, advice and encouragement in the friendliest fashion. To Melrose Books I owe everything.
"We received excellent service from every department at Melrose Books. The staff were friendly, approachable and supportive throughout the process of publishing and we were delighted with our finished book, which looked really good. Agreed timescales were kept, the editing was professional and efficient, and the attention to detail of the typesetter was superb. Everyone was receptive to our wishes both before and after publishing and we have had a number of opportunities organised by the energetic publicity and marketing co-ordinator, to promote our book."
"To all my friends & colleagues at Melrose Books,This has been a truly amazing year for White Ship – Red Crosses.None of it would have happened without the help, support & encouragement from Melrose Books, & I thank you all from the bottom of my heartVery best wishes to you all for now"
"A moment to thank each and every person that has helped me turn my dream into a beautiful reality - so this year I will raise a glass to you"
"From my first contact with Melrose Books and being offered a publishing contract, I have been delighted with the service I have received, On The Edge being my first novel, the world of publishing was somewhat a mystery. Any concerns I might have had were quickly eroded, first speaking to Jill De Laat, and being offered a publishing contract, all was simply explained, no hidden catches, contract being straightforward. The next stage was the editing process, where I was assigned a truly wonderful editor, who through this part of the publishing became a dear friend, and guided me with absolute professionalism, to the book we now see on sale. But once published does the back up stop, no, it has barely started, with Rachel and Wendy at the end of the phone offering constant back up, continually networking to enhance sales and publicity and each making one feel like their only author, the experience has been both joyous and memorable. One word would cover all this: 'PROFESSIONALISM'".