The Winner School


I ran an English Language homestay company for over a decade before I first got the call about welcoming students from Sudan. This was a new experience for me; Sudanese culture was very different, and it was fair to say that every encounter with these students resulted in never a dull moment. However, I would soon realise that the decision to welcome students from Khartoum was about to take an unpredictable and exciting turn …
I received a call one morning asking me to visit East Africa and advise on what you would expect to find in a modern language school. Little did I know that the Sudanese Investors were planning to build that very same school, to my specifications, with me at the helm!
My husband, Peter, always saw this as our last adventure which, in the end, it would turn out to be for one reason or another, but my talk is, essentially, about the unique opportunity to learn about a seldom talked about group of people, as well as navigate the various challenges that stemmed from being a manager, a woman and a foreigner, within a patriarchal society trying to balance recent civil conflict, tribal traditions and the ruling Sharia state.
This is our story: the story of the Winner School.

6 Jul 2018