White Ship - Red Crosses - 30th Anniversary Edition


30th Anniversary Edition With White Ship – Red Crosses, author Nicci Pugh has created a fascinating, comprehensive and historically useful account of the efforts of the medical teams and crew aboard the British Hospital Ship SS Uganda during the Falklands War in 1982. In addition to the conflict itself, the book details in some depth the many transformations of the ship before she was ready to accommodate hospital space, as well as the trials of the Royal Navy Medical and Nursing staff as they fought against time to convert the P&O Cruise Ship Uganda to operate successfully as a floating hospital working in The South Atlantic Ocean. As a veteran Naval Nursing Sister who served on board The Hospital Ship, the events are told first-hand. As a result, against the backdrop of the conflict we have a story that is infused with empathy, nostalgia and camaraderie. Combined, they lend this fast-moving tale a level of compassion usually absent in factual accounts of war, where single characters are often lost in the masses. The final few chapters bring the book right up-to-date, with comparisons to current conflicts, and the importance for 1982 Falklands War veterans to maintain their links with The Falkland Islands today. The author has a flair for both technical and narrative-style writing, and she quickly encompasses the reader with an atmosphere of the events as they unfold. The contributions from the British injured servicemen who were treated on board The Hospital Ship at the time add an element of candour that is totally unique. Complete with maps, many unseen photos and relevant documentation this is a well-crafted work that will appeal to a very wide readership. Click below for an interview with the author on BBC Radio 4's Woman's Hour.

2 Mar 2012
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