When God Calls: Listening, Hearing and Responding


Many people sleep-walk through life without ever finding real meaning, purpose and fulfilment. In this thought-provoking and highly inspirational book, Dianne Sealy-Skerritt explains how we can all live the life we were created to live by listening, hearing and responding with obedience to God’s call. The book’s underlying premise is that God’s call is universal – it is not reserved for a privileged few. Drawing on her vast personal experience, real world and biblical case studies, she offers practical guidance on how we can all learn to discern God’s voice and live out our calling in the different roles we perform in life.
“Highly recommended … a source of encouragement and practical guidance to everyone.”
Rev Christopher Harrison,
Rector of St Peter and All Saints, Nottingham
“… a book for anyone who needs an uplifting shove up the hill of their rutted road into a new, wider avenue of positivity and growth.”
Independent Reviewer, Melrose Publishers
“Sealy-Skerritt’s book is indispensable reading for anyone who wants to find their calling and live a more purpose-driven life. Each chapter ends with a set of engaging reflection questions.”
Dr Courtney Alexander Smith,
Retired Government Economist and Author
“Insightful and powerful, this book will help you to avoid distractions from your call.”
Ulda Butler, Retired Service Manager

7 Feb 2018