Release your Profit Potential


Release your Profit Potential is a book for business. It is written in plain, easy to understand language and outlines my findings while operating as a business turnaround specialist. The book focuses attention on EIGHT REASONS WHY BUSINESSES DON’T REACH THEIR TRUE POTENTIAL. In highlighting the Eight Reasons, I focus on solutions and feature actual turnaround and outcomes. In addition, the book has been designed to open your mind to the possible opportunities that exist within your business as I have also had experience running a small to medium-sized business from start-up and understand the difficulties in doing so.

Following up on your presentation last year using ‘Release Your Profit Potential’ I wanted to update you on feedback and output. The feedback on the session was very positive with a large number of individuals benefiting from the structured approach that built the way in which you engage prospects and customers alike. Your passion and knowledge of the subject matter was evident and of particular benefit was how this had been successfully adopted while you managed teams in previous companies. This was a fresher for those with a few grey hairs and an eye opener for those just starting their career. In relation to your work with companies showing some signs of distress your past experience in understanding how businesses operate and most importantly their cash-flow has helped us on a number of occasions. It is not always easy to go into a business typically owner managed that requires help. You have demonstrated an ability to get them on side and very quickly show your value. By taking a bottom up approach and engaging individuals at all levels your recommendations and strategy have been welcomed. There is no doubt that your input in the connections I am aware of have benefited from your experience however equally where there has been no way forward this has been presented quickly saving both time and money. Murdoch MacLennan - Managing Partner Business Development Clydesdale Bank /NAG_EUROPE

Having worked with several sports psychologists over the last 20 years to improve my thoughts on the golf course I can honestly say the methods of Mindset produced by Bill have allowed me to unlock some major barriers of doubt! My time spent with Bill has been very productive and allowed me to focus on total self belief. In golf and specifically professional tournament golf, practice and preparation revolve around performing under intense pressure, and Mindset has taught me to believe more in my natural skill and vision rather than too many technical thoughts which obstruct natural process. When I have been faced with no option on the golf course I realise I have to trust Mindset even more and Bill has always encouraged me to visualise, trust and execute the outcome. My time spent working with Mindset has given me a valued outlook on life and focus in addition to my golf. Stephen McAllister - European Tour Golf Professional

8 Jan 2014
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