The Origin of the Origin and the Nature of Reality


For the first time in history, the authors Mr Steven Voysey and Dr Mark Mitchelson from Cairns, Australia, have discovered the real explanation for crop circles which have been mysteriously appearing all over the world, since the seventeenth century. In their superlative masterpiece, the recently published book The Origin of the Origin and the Nature of Reality the authors have drawn on knowledge from many sources, to come to the startling conclusion that extraterrestrial civilizations with far greater intelligence than our own, are actively seeking to communicate with the citizens of planet Earth, with information encoded in crop circles, to enlighten and help us, with both the goal of attaining globalization, which is mutually self-beneficial to all the peoples inhabiting the Earth and which is also environmentally sustainable in the long term, without causing cataclysmic climate change. After studying certain ancient sacred geometry concepts, based on 'the perfect square' (02X02) base of the Great Pyramid of Giza, the authors have been able to construct, a new model and mechanism, which explains definitively, how a perpetual, binary, geometric multiverse would function and which also explains precisely, all phenomenon which is observed in this multiverse, including a new logical arrangement of the periodic table of chemical elements with 121 elements (that means the existence of 5 new as of yet undiscovered chemical elements!!! ). The information required to make this light speed jump in technology, has been encoded in the geometrical construct of the Great Pyramid of Giza, for all the men and women of science to see, since the dawn of civilization. It is only at this time in our technological development, that we have been advanced enough, to read this 'message in the bottle' accurately and perceive appropriately, the message, thus allowing us the opportunity to perfect our current civilization. Unfortunately, the time limit imposed by this system, in which we can act, is 2012, so we need to act quickly, in order to save the planet Earth and all of its inhabitants. Remember 'ye shall seek the truth, and the truth shall set you free' and all of those questions regarding the 'origins' of humanity which you have always wondered about will be answered. Remember, this is the dawning of the age of Aquarius and with the attainment of this knowledge, great advances in the structure of our society can occur!

30 Apr 2012
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