Journey of a Lifetime


After decades of work healing myself and changing my life beyond recognition, I found attempting to explain was a short step into a deepening mud-puddle of confusion and uncertainty in others.
Improvements I brought about in myself – and others – being far beyond my expectations, let alone theirs. I discovered healing and the universe have much in common. What I took as ultimate limits of knowledge and perception became outmoded; changed, and were superseded.
Healing has been my solar furnace of endeavour for over forty years. Then, the choice was simple; create fundamental positive change within myself, or life would be short.
But how, I didn’t know. Or so I thought. Nineteen years later, I discovered I always knew what I needed to do. We all do, but our culture teaches us thinking is our total reality. It isn’t. It denies the deep, inner wisdom we all have. Our birthright is perception. It is as unlimited as the cosmos; and so are we.
In ten days, trusting my own inner wisdom, I fundamentally transformed degeneration into regeneration; realising I was Pied Piper of my own destiny; not following the tunes of others.
What I had no idea of was the enormity of what I had set out to do.
I am glad I hadn’t. The front cover is generous in its symbolism. A coracle propelled with a wooden spoon might be more apt.
It is only after forty-three years of unrelenting effort, self-perception has progressed cosmically beyond what once would have made an iceberg appear nakedly exposed. And with it, every conceivable aspect of health and wellbeing similarly transformed.
This is the first part of my journey, covering over thirty years. Though it is my own, I trust others may benefit as those who have told me to write about it suggest.

31 Jul 2017