GUITAR MODES From "Mystery" to "Method" A Personal Journey of Discovery for Me & My Guitar


Playing electric guitar is my retirement hobby. I initially concentrated on major and minor scales, pentatonic then full. Theory and method interacted well for me so I internalised my adopted playing method confidently. My learning curve was a comfortably negotiated gentle incline.
Then came MODES and my learning curve hit a "brick wall". Method was not the problem as there are lots of suggested approaches to adopt. I tried them but could not internalise any because I didn't get the theory. What I read in the public domain was bewildering and frustrating. I came across so much confusion, contradiction, illogicality and lots of assertion without explanation.
My response was to write my own notes on "What Modes are and how to Play them on Guitar" drawing on public domain and non-attributable materials which I then "explained to myself" based on the way I think and learn best. I present this in a structured, logical and coherent manner (at least to my satisfaction!!) adopting multi-presentational formats – notes, bullet points, charts, diagrams, tables – and a visually impacting full colour style (each Mode has its own colour for quick reference, interpretation and comparison in charts and diagrams).
Writing this has helped me to smash a great big hole in my learning curve's aforementioned "brick wall", to step through and move on, musically. I hope it can do the same for you.
Richard Cleary
August 2017

1 May 2018