A Dynasty of Clergy named Archer


A Dynasty of Clergy named Archer is the meticulously researched, historically illuminating and compelling study of five clergy from the same family during the period 1500 to 1800. The breadth of the period covered by these five lives gives the reader ample opportunity to reflect on the nature of a clergyman’s role in society, highlighting how much the role of a priest changes from generation to generation and how much a core brief remains unchanged from one century to the next.
The story starts as the role of a minister or priest was being redefined. Prior to the Reformation, their task was primarily sacramental; taking masses, hearing confessions, baptising and burying. Some of these roles survived the changes in the church, although multiple masses were replaced by occasional Communions and daily services became briefer, leaving more time for other tasks. What those tasks were emerges from the Archers’ story in each generation so that by the end we will have followed the evolution of the role of a parish priest over three hundred years.
This is a fascinating book which will enthral any reader, particularly those interested in family history and biographies and will also be an invaluable reference for historians.

26 Mar 2018
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