A Diplomat's Life


A Diplomat’s Life is a collection of the memoirs of Koto Matsudaira taken from his own manuscript notes and diaries, written towards the end of his life, and posthumously translated from Japanese to English with the assistance of the adviser to the family in Japan, Mr Akira Irie. Matsudaira came from a prominent family in pre-war Japan and rose to be a respected diplomat on the world stage following on from his unique involvement in the entry of the United States in to World War II in 1941. Ultimately, he became Japan’s Ambassador to the United Nations and was a key figure in many historical events involving the rebirth of Japan on the world stage after the war years, involving this key figure in a fascinating period of Japanese diplomacy. The book outlines his career path and runs parallel to his life in which trials and success shaped the journey and defined the man.
This legacy in print follows the career of a highly gifted and accomplished man who, fortunately for his readers, decided to record his path at the end of his life. The translator richly deserves real praise for his inspired approach to a fascinating historical record. This is an informative and entertaining read, blending diplomatic episodes with personal reminisces, and is a work which is sure to appeal to those interested in the political growth of Japan after World War II.

25 Jan 2017