A Carnival of Lights


Through this book, Nicholas Rogers wishes to take the reader from 'the end', a state of not knowing Jesus Christ (where there is a kind of darkness and depression) to 'the beginning', where there is an awareness of who Jesus is, a feeling a joy and of a desire for total union with Him in His Heavenly Home. During moments of silent Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament we can find ourselves going on this journey; we experience 'a carnival of lights', a vision of heaven. A Carnival of Lights is a reflection of the monstrance itself, containing the Blessed Sacrament from which emanates the strong magnificence of the Light of Christ. Rogers tries to show this in staged segments; thoughts and feelings experienced at various stages of this journey. The reader goes from an awareness of the darker side of the human existence to the beginning, where there is a complete awareness of Christ, an enlightenment filled with tremendous hopefulness, optimism and radiance. In these segments, Rogers reveals the basis of the Catholic and Christian faith, as well as A Carnival of Lights as a journey to the door of Heaven.

4 Jul 2011