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A great read
White Ship - Red Crosses is a great read. It covers the conversion and work carried out on board Her Majesty's Hospital Ship Uganda during the Falklands War fought between Britain and Argentina in 1982. With the backdrop of the conflict, the reader is carried along at a fast pace as the ship proceeds south to work in the unforgiving conditions of the South Atlantic Ocean. Contributions from many of those who were working on board the ship at that time make interesting reading, and further contributions from the injured servicemen who were treated and cared for on board this floating hospital are, simply, inspiring. A recent high quality index is a welcome improvement to this delightful Fourth Edition. A hardback Limited Edition due out during this thirty-fifth anniversary year (2017) of the Falklands War will be a fitting tribute to all those recognised in this unique coverage of 'A British Hospital Ship at War.' Remembrance Week November 2017. A. Kennedy, Scotland.
A review written by A Kennedy on 07 Nov 2017 for White Ship Red Crosses Fourth edition
Inspirational and uplifting
I was glued to your book, White Ship - Red Crosses, which I found fascinating, inspirational, and uplifting. Your descriptions of the events, coupled with the additions by your colleagues and patients put me right alongside you on board the hospital ship at that time. The fact that I know some of the people added to the enjoyment. All I can say to you all is well done and keep up the good work. Thank you once again, and congratulations to you and all those who were with you down south in 1982.
A review written by Captain David Dornom (Captain P&O and Commander R.D. R.N.R.) on 17 Oct 2017 for White Ship Red Crosses Fourth edition
Marvellous Production
I finished reading WHITE SHIP - RED CROSSES in the early hours of yesterday morning and what an amazing story it is. I like the way it is set out using that lovely poem by John Masefield 'Sea Fever' as the basis for each chapter heading, and the compelling maritime theme running throughout the work. White Ship - Red Crosses is an astonishing tale, carefully constructed and beautifully written. Black and white images of those involved appear throughout the eleven chapters and a full colour band of pictures includes several Falkland Islanders taken in recent years. Comprehensive maps and several well-written Appendices help to clarify the medical and military terms that are inevitably used throughout the text. Sharp eyes will spot Grantham Sound and the The Hospital Ship's many other anchorages cleverly shaded into the cover detail. Set against the background of the unfolding drama of the battles being fought on land, at sea and in the air during The Falklands War (fought between Britain and Argentina in 1982) White Ship - Red Crosses is a very compulsive and yet human chronicle of grievous injuries, pain and suffering on a massive scale being successfully treated by a comparatively small number of dedicated professionals and helpers, where any shortfall in equipment etc., was readily dealt with using incredible ingenuity, innovation and good humour in the most unusual, demanding and at times dangerous circumstances. I congratulate the author (former Naval Nursing Sister Nicci Pugh who was serving on board Her Majesty's Hospital Ship Uganda at the time ) most sincerely on the wonderful job she has done writing this book and achieving the goal of publication against all odds. White Ship - Red Crosses will take its rightful place in the historical record of the Falklands War because, while it was known that The Hospital Ship UGANDA was down in our Islands and for what purpose, the ship, and her wonderful medical and nursing staff have had scant mention in the many other books so far written about the Falklands War. With a brilliant Foreword by Major-General Julian Thompson CB OBE (UK military historian and Commander of Third Commando Brigade Royal Marines during The Falklands War) and including much coverage of the continuing and far-reaching work of The South Atlantic Medal Association this tale of courage and dedication at all levels is long overdue. Any profits from sales of the book will be donated to SAMA82. Recent news that sales have far exceeded initial estimates in the first six months since publication is not surprising. The publishers, Melrose Books near Cambridge, are now commencing arrangements for the second edition of White Ship - Red Crosses. Well done Nicci, many congratulations. Your marvellous production should be read by everyone who can lay their hands on it.
A review written by Robin Pitaluga on 28 Aug 2013 for White Ship - Red Crosses - 30th Anniversary Edition
An exceptional achievement
I served with Nicci, the author, during the campaign and she has re-created all of the atmosphere and difficulty which surrounded us as well as detailing our 4 month commission. We were not equipped like modern war campaigns such as Iraq or Afghanistan, nor did we have adequate staff. Because of that we had to adapt and to almost forget modern medicine; to work to basic principles as if we were coping like the last Hospital Ship (Suez in the 1950s). We showed that without modern equipment and only able to use basic drugs we could still have a successful outcome. We only had 3 deaths out of all the horrific injuries we saw but it must never be forgotten that our statistics are only so good because many young injured never reached the sanctuary of our ship, because they died on the mountain. I cannot praise too highly the professionalism of our medical team but particularly the Naval nurses, who had not expected to ever go to sea, let alone to War, were grossly understaffed (72 Naval nurses, male and female, for a 1000 bedded hospital) yet with grit and determination never ever let us down. It is an exceptional achievement to have put t his book together with only minimal help from others.
A review written by Dr PT Bull, Consultant Anaesthetist to The Task Force during The Falklands War on 28 Aug 2013 for White Ship - Red Crosses - 30th Anniversary Edition
Superbly Written
A superbly written book , she has done a highly skilled job of intertwining the real life stories of those that actually took part in the conflict with her own narrative. And how refreshing to read a book about the Falklands war written by a long last!
A review written by Deborah Wingfield on 28 Aug 2013 for White Ship - Red Crosses - 30th Anniversary Edition