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Clever words to make you smile
Some clever words to make you smile, have hidden in John’s brain a while. But now his knowledge is revealed, a publisher has made it real. Encouraged by his son and grandson, with hope for satisfaction handsome. All smilers celebrates in chorus, the quiz potential is enormous.
A review written by Ann Coomber on 03 Oct 2017 for Smiles from Schooldays
Funny and engaging
"Smiles from Schooldays" is a funny, engaging and addictive read. Several times this week, I've started reading some of the rhyming couplets about one subject and found myself reading on, ending up in a totally different one. For anyone with any experience of school (and that's everyone), this book will jog memories and raise a smile. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading it and would recommend "Smiles from Schooldays" to anyone with a sense of curiosity and fun.
A review written by Mr Ian Hardiman, Teacher of Physics and Engineering on 13 Sep 2017 for Smiles from Schooldays
Delightful read
Who is your favourite genius in history? Albert Einstein? Who is your favourite painter? Caravaggio? No matter who is your favourite historical character, John Hobson has provided a delightful couplet on most of them. A nice way to spend your time, and most important of all, to raise a big guaranteed smile. Most enjoyable!!
A review written by Elena Parlagreco, Nichelino (Torino) on 18 Aug 2017 for Smiles from Schooldays
A light hearted read
“I particularly enjoyed the section on history. I enjoyed quite a number of the couplets, but I suppose my favourite was the one about Wellington on page 21.”
A review written by Rev. Barton Starr, Pensacola, FL on 18 Aug 2017 for Smiles from Schooldays
Light hearted and intelligently written
Great little light hearted funny book to put on the coffee table and flick through with the morning coffee. Intelligently written with charming simple illustrations, this collection of rhyming couplets will be sure to bring smiles and chuckles.
A review written by Ben Clegg on 28 Jul 2017 for Smiles from Schooldays