About Us

Melrose Books is a credible option in a world where many publishers have narrowed their interest. Most authors will never see their books accepted and published under a traditional contract. The biggest shame is that there are some great works out there which will potentially never be read. 

We know that in order to succeed, a book needs a great deal of effort. Other publishers offer less expensive alternatives by sacrificing editorial services and printing specifications. But haven’t we agreed that your work deserves the very best? Melrose Books is not the least expensive option, but we are the most comprehensive and professional.

Our publishing packages are individually tailored, and each stage of publication is overseen by our dedicated team of professionals. We print an actual run of our publications, which are stored and distributed from our secure warehouse. The author retains all copyright and creative control of their work and receives generous royalties from the sales generated by our marketing strategies. 

We are committed to publishing quality books across all genres, with a particular expertise in memoirs, biographies, and religious, historical and educational works. We also publish and successfully market reference, business, medical and coffee table books and, of course, fiction and poetry.

Have a look at some of our writers' testimonials - nothing speaks louder than a successful author!