Reviews of The Imperial Sword - The Nelquists of Marphacelle

One of the best books i've read if anyone hasn't read it yet they should
A review written by Rana on 17 May 2018
loved this book
The prologue was mostly what caught my attention but then even as I continued reading, I wasn’t even the slightest bit disappointed. Legit filled with cliffhangers, exciting events, and nonstop enthusiasm, it also reminded me a lot of the harry potter-ish aura of magic and fantasies
A review written by Lina on 08 Apr 2018
love this
Not only fictional, but incredibly realistic. It discusses difficulties in a way that any normal teenager would understand and there’s completely excitement on every single page
A review written by lara on 25 Mar 2018
a seemingly typical fantasy about a twist in reality that leads to abundant occurrences that leave you incredibly impressed. an amazing book that left my eyes glued to the pages during every single second of it. i’m proud to say not a moment of it got me bored!
A review written by dania on 10 Mar 2018
An excellent read!!!
Read "The Imperial sword" while cruising on the Yangse river.So well written and full of suspense, unpredictables, sarcasm that ignite the imagination .that moment that Zoey found the sword gave me goosebumps.. a great author indeed and I'm sure we will see more of your books in the near future...well done and looking forward to reading your next book.. The next J.K Rowling? Who knows..
A review written by Sue Hosn on 17 Sep 2017