Reviews of Before Spin

Great read
I hope your book sells well . It deserves to. The adventures of a young reporter would probably make an entertaining film too.
A review written by Geoffrey Kelly on 20 Apr 2016
Well written and compelling reading
I loved reading it, thoroughly enjoyed it and congratulate you on compiling such a well written and interesting story. What a life you have led! For me it was compelling reading. I knew you had had a very interesting and varied career but had not appreciated (until now) just how far your interests had spread nor the skill with which you employed your undoubted talents…..a classic series of examples of making your own luck! Vivian Thomas, former chairman British Standards Institution (BSI)
A review written by Vivian Thomas on 20 Apr 2016
Very enjoyable
Just to say how much I enjoyed your autobiography. All evocative of the period with revealing insights of the various crisis. I was struck by how wise you were at such a young age!
A review written by Sir James Dyson on 20 Apr 2016