Cromwell's Enforcer, by John Barry

Available October 2013 - Col John Hewson, Cromwell's Enforcer, by John Barry.

Who was John Hewson? He was a London tradesman who emerged from obscurity to be a senior officer in Cromwell’s army, played a leading part in the politics of the Commonwealth and on the Restoration of the Monarchy in 1660, disappeared from public view. For historians of the English Civil War this will be a must read.

The Quarry Cats - author Jocelyn Wilby

Three kittens were born in a disused quarry where they lived with a family of feral cats. They had an uncle who used to live with a witch and he had learned how to cast magic spells.The kittens were born in May. When winter approached, they didn’t like the cold and one of the kittens asked her uncle if he could magic back the sun. He couldn’t do that, but he did manage to magic her away for a day in the sun. She landed on the island of Jamaica.

The Ice Walk - author to speak at Clare Cottage October 16th

Author of The Ice Walk, Helen Womack, will be speaking about her new book on 16th October at Clare Cottage literary evening.

Helen Womack fell in love with Russia nearly thirty years ago “when the sky was turning indigo and snowflakes were sparkling over Red Square”. Despite several attempts, she has never managed to leave her adopted country and in this beautifully written memoir shares her struggle to understand the enigma that is Russia.
Miranda Ingram, former Moscow correspondent of The Daily Mail.

New book A Ticket to Ryde by Philip Ion, a must read!

A Ticket to Ryde and Other Stories is a collection of four short tales set at various periods looking at different aspects of railways.
In A Ticket to Ryde – and Beyond, the Chairman of the Isle of Wight Steam Railway devises an ambitious plan to build a tunnel between the island and the English mainland, achieving a link with the rest of the network. The volunteers draw inspiration from the success of the Bluebell Railway’s re-establishment of a mainline connection, but their own project will prove much more troublesome.