Effie Gray, Fair Maid of Perth

Our author Linda Randall has written a superb and detailed account of Effie Gray, tracing the story of the clever little Scots girl who grew up to become known as ‘The Fair Maid of Perth’
and who went on to marry two artistic giants of the nineteenth century: John Ruskin and John Everett Millais. This is the story of Effie’s marriage to John Ruskin, and how she learned to deal with it. £17.99 ISBN: 978-1-908645-09-8 296 pp

Coming Soon!

Crow's Nest Chronicles by William Sampson is due to be published this month. This action packed novel is set in the mid-fifties when post war Empires were fragmenting from independence, communists were under every bed and the atomic age was still a delinquent vandalising small Pacific islands. Two rough and ready characters Able Seamen ‘Amy’ Armitage and Kenny McBain navigate their way through service life, their odyssey embracing fortune and calamity.

Military titles

With this year commemorating both the outbreak of The Great War centenary and the 70th

anniversary of D-Day we have created a new catalogue of our military titles for circulation to