Lord, Teach us to Pray


In this book, ‘the author reaches out to believers who trust in the truth of Holy Scripture, but who may not necessarily appreciate the relevance of pre-Christian worship to that described and laid down in the New Testament – anyone of faith would gain a great deal from reading this monograph and even perhaps some who do not share this faith, but are interested in learning more of the history and meaning of worship!’
The Bible relates how God created men and women in his image that they might commune with him and glorify his holy name. But the Creator foresaw the risk of them wanting to become independent of his rule. Even after their fall from grace, God continued to love them and devised a plan for his holy presence to remain with his people, without violating his righteous estate. He attained this Holy Communion by instructing them in the ways of worship that they might come to know and love him in spirit and truth.
Old Testament Scripture describes how God taught his people to approach him through three vital steps imposed by the construction of a sanctuary for his most holy presence. He also revealed to them copies of the eternal pattern of worship practiced in the celestial tabernacle of the paradisiacal kingdom of heaven. Although these regulations sustained his chosen people for more than a thousand years, God eventually declared them to be only an introductory form of true worship!
It awaited God’s second Covenant declared in the New Testament. This contained a lasting form of worship, based upon the same pattern to be revealed by God’s Son. He would provide a new Gospel of salvation for his chosen people and also the perfect atoning sacrifice for the forgiveness of their sins. Through his mediation and the advocacy of his Holy Spirit, a new channel of worship was on offer to those who love him and obey his precepts.
From this scriptural study, a concept of true worship emerges, being reiterated throughout Old and New Testaments. It involves a spiritual elevation of the believer into the presence of the Son of God and mediation with our heavenly Father through his atoning sacrifice.
So come and worship our Triune God through Spirit and Truth!

20 Oct 2016