A Boy From Nowhere


A Boy From Nowhere (Volume 1 of 2) is the true, dramatic, but easy reading, life story of a man's rise from poverty to prosperity commencing with a description of the hard times of the 1920-1930's which existed in the backstreets and slums of London's East End Docklands. Leaving school at 14, as most working class lads did then, and without any educational qualifications the story plots his fight to gain success against all odds and tells how he rose to become UK Director responsible for the sale and distribution of all Czechoslovak confectionery products; this brought him into close contact with the communist world, with spies, and explains how and why he assisted MI6. Eventually he started and developed his own successful business which enabled him to retire early and begin a new life in Spain. He describes his life there and tells why he and his wife decided to return to the UK to live after 9 wonderful years during which the author claims that he saw the very last of 'good old Spain'. It is a book which, once started, the reader will find very hard to put down. BUY TOGETHER WITH VOLUME TWO FOR THE SPECIAL PRICE OF £19.99

1 Nov 2007
(avg rating of 5/5, based on 2 reviews)

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