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An entertaining read which keeps the enthusiasm going.
An entertaining read which keeps the enthusiasm going. I have read Keith Turnbull’s previous Kindle book so I am familiar with his style but this fiction adventure thriller far surpasses his previous tome. All the more interesting because the underlying weapon is based upon fact. Anyway I hope that this Tom Selkirk becomes a franchise as I look forward to reading more of these tales.
A review written by Hal on 22 Jan 2018 for Fallen Angel
Excellent read
Well put together anybody who has served will understand how close this comes to reality look forward to seeing it on film well done Ken great read
A review written by Edward dale on 21 Jan 2018 for Fallen Angel
Page turningly good
Absolutely loved this book. It is well written, fast paced and exciting. Not your average thriller at all with twists and turns rather a brilliant novel with head shaking events, and at least half a dozen exclamation out loud at some of the pages. I can just see in my mind the main characters and I stayed up too late too many nights reading 'Just one more page' for hours! The writers backgrounds have clearly contributed to the pace and believability of the details. Would thoroughly recommend this. Best book I've read in a very very long time.
A review written by Tracey Clayton on 19 Jan 2018 for Fallen Angel
Brilliant ...
I thought this was great, realistic, honest, very clever and very fast paced. This is clearly the first of a series and already I have bonded with Selkirk. Highly recommend this book.
A review written by David Webb on 10 Jan 2018 for Fallen Angel
Kicks arse and takes no prisoners
I served for nearly 30 years in the UK Armed Forces as a Russian speaking helicopter and fixed wing pilot, among other things. I have also read every Dan Brown/Tom Clancy/Andy McNab etc book going - and this is right up there with the best of them. It has a distinctive author's voice which is different from the rest of the pack but once you get a few pages in you are swept along at a sweaty pace as you keep up with some very original action. The atmosphere between the operators is spot on, as it should be going by the name on the front cover; you never really know if it is just a name that someone has paid for but I think the characterisations of the SF folk fits well with reality. All in all I really enjoyed it and would recommend it to anyone who likes a kick arse story with a few surprises and plenty of action.
A review written by Wizard7 on 10 Jan 2018 for Fallen Angel