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An outstanding job
This book is not only a tribute to four men who did their duty without fuss or expectation of reward, it is a window on the times that they lived through. Duty, Loyalty, Service, Integrity and other such laudable characteristics may be viewed as 'outmoded' in the modern age but they underpinned the standards of behaviour that the Mcgill brothers - and so many others of their generation - regarded as normal. They would have been surprised, even embarrassed, to have been labelled as 'heroes'. They merely did what they perceived to be their duty to do their best, whatever life threw at them. Their example of selfless endeavour is one that our modern hedonistic and 'me-centred' society would do well to heed. The author has done an outstanding job in telling the story of the "Four Brothers" through this collection of their own letters. This book should be on the bookshelf of every red-blooded Englishman!
A review written by Chris Davies on 30 Aug 2013 for Four Brothers in Arms